July 17


By Lactucaman

July 17, 2022

Hello all! Here is a short update about bottle sizes at the Wildlettuce.com shop.

We’ve switched from the milliliter sizes to fluid ounces. In short, bigger bottles, same price! Well, the same price for the extra strong tincture and the classic tincture. We did have to raise the price on the oil.

We also have a new 16oz size! We’re currently running a discount on the new larger size.

So what’s all this about bottles anyhow?

You see, I am an artistic guy, and I like things just so. I want the products to look a certain way. I like the square-ish glass flasks for the extra strong, I like traditional oil bottles for the oil. I like syrup bottles for the syrup, and so on and so forth. In a perfect world I’d also use all glass bottles. But since 2020, glass bottles, and fancy bottles, are getting more and more expensive and are in shorter and shorter supply.

For a long time I’ve been eating this cost, as well as paying the rising postal costs, as glass weighs more than plastic. Besides sky high prices, the main problem is the inconsistency of the availability of glass bottles. Without bottles, we have nothing to ship!

Now that inflation is at 10%, we’ve come to a crossroads. I can raise the prices, or I can simplify the packaging and keep prices the same. To be fair, I might have to raise prices eventually but for now I shan’t.

To solve these problems, we’ve switched to fluid ounce sized plastic bottles. This allows us to lower the costs and pass the savings on to you, dear customer.

So how much bigger are the new bottles? Well, we used to have only two sizes, 100ml and 200ml. Now we have three sizes, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz.

Quantity wise it looks like this:

4oz = 118.3ml

8oz = 236.6ml

16oz = 473.2ml

As you can see this is quite a bit of a difference, almost 20% larger for the same price! We also still have glass bottles available by special arrangement for the 4oz and 8oz sizes.

So that’s all the news on the new sizes!

Thanks so much for your continued interest and support.

~ Christian Lactucaman