Natural Sleep Remedy used for Healthy Skin, Hormone Balance, Massage, and Aromatherapy.

lettuce seed oil

We press our Egyptian lettuce seed oil from oil seeds imported directly from Cairo. It has been shown in studies to be a natural sleep aid. The oil is very fine and works wonders for the skin, hair, and nails. It can add a unique flavor to foods. Egyptian lettuce seed oil has be a favorite since the time of the pharaohs.

No Impurities

No Other Ingredients

Cold Pressed 

High Quality Oil with a Mild Nutty Aroma 

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Lettuce seed oil is a natural sleep aid

  • Shown to be a natural sleep aid and lower anxiety. Also contains folic acid which is important for a balanced nervous system.
  • Shown to have no side effects when used for restfulness
  • Natural source of lactucopicrin

Massage and whole body care

  • Fine quality massage oil
  • Excellent moisturizing oil for smooth silky skin
  • Shown to soothe aches and pains because of its analgesic properties 
  • Mild nutty like aroma for aromatherapy
  • Can be used in moisturizing soaps and lotions

Natural hormonal balance

  • Contains folic acid and other important vitamins and minerals for both male and female sexual health. The ancient Egyptians even considered lettuce seed oil an aphrodisiac!
  • Traditionally used in Egypt to prevent hair loss. Lettuce oil contains a large quantity of biotin which is healthy for the hair, skin, and nails. Simply rub into the scalp or nails!
  • Also contains vitamin K, important to bone health. It is also rich in the A,C, and B vitamin group, beta-carotene, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and iodine. 
Egyptian Goddess Qetesh

Gourmet flavor

  • Can be added to salad oil for a distinct fine flavor
  • Can be whipped into an herb butter and used to top fish, meats, and vegetables 
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Ingredients: Contains 100% cold pressed Egyptian lettuce seed oil.

Traditional directions of use:

Take two teaspoons, or 1 gram by weight for soothing the nerves. Can also be used topically. Simply apply and rub into the skin.

Three sizes to choose from

  • We have 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz sizes in stock.

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Egyptian fertility god Min

More about lettuce seed oil

Lettuce seed oil has been held in esteem since before the time of the pharaohs. They even had a god named Min who's chief magic plant was sprouted lettuce, shown in the left of the picture. As one might gather from the photo he was a fertility god. It was also used in fertility rituals, for food, and in their medicines. We press this oil ourselves using seeds imported from a private farm in Egypt. Seeds are carefully cleaned of all dust in a centrifuge before cold pressing. The virgin oil is decanted to remove impurities. The result is a beautifully clear oil about the same color as olive oil.