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What to know about wild lettuce?

  • Wild lettuce is a natural remedy for pain, stress, and poor sleep
  • Wild lettuce extract is called lactucarium
  • Contains no pharmaceuticals or drugs
  • Can be taken straight or in warm tea
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What do we offer?

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Natural pain and sleep relief

Wild lettuce extracts have been shown in studies to have many benefits to the body. Lactucarium, or wild lettuce extract, contains lactucopicrin and other sesquiterpenes which are pain killing and calming to the nerves. It is shown to work especially well for cold and cough. The oil is also used as a natural remedy to prevent hair loss. Wild lettuce extracts can also soothe aching muscles, by relaxing smooth muscle tissue. In ancient times wild lettuce was revered as a magic plant.
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The best wild lettuce products

Whether it's wild lettuce extract, classic tincture, lactucarium products, lettuce seed oil, or teas, we have several products to choose from. We are also updating our store with new products. We make everything ourselves from high quality ingredients, and our methods are designed to preserve the medicinal qualities found in our favorite plant.

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What is lactucarium?

Lactucarium is the dried juice of the wild lettuce plant. It has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians as an analgesic and calmative. According to the scientific literature, it has similar pain killing properties as ibuprofen, but with a relaxing effect on the body, due to the nervine properties of lactucin, and lactucopicrin.