Mild Flavor for Natural Sleep and Pain Relief

Wild lettuce tincture bottles

This tincture is different from our extra strong tincture as it is not made from our freeze-dried extract. We use a several months long process of maceration. 

Non Pharmaceutical

100% All Natural

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Currently Available in Alcohol Base

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 wild lettuce tincture

We have three sizes for your needs

Our classic tincture currently comes in 4, 8, and 16 fluid ounce sizes.

What to know about our classic wild lettuce tincture?

  • Can be taken as needed. A teaspoon to start
  • Best in warm tea
  • Does not interfere with drug tests
  • Made from genuine wild lettuce
  • Flavor is bitter but mild and pleasant in tea
  • Shown to aid in pain management and stress relief
  • Available in 40% alcohol base 
 wild lettuce plants
wild lettuce tincture test jar
A Test Jar of Our Wild Lettuce Tincture

How is our classic tincture of wild lettuce made?

Maceration is the process by which an herb is cut into small pieces and placed into a solvent which can absorb its natural constituents. Wild lettuce extracts very well in a combination of alcohol and water. We use 1kg of wild lettuce with 10 liters of alcohol and water. After several months it is drained and filtered. We make sure that the alcohol content is right around 37.5%. This helps to maintain the flavor and sweet aroma without overpowering it with excessive amounts of alcohol.


Ingredients: Wild lettuce extract in a 37.5% alcohol and water solution.

Traditional directions of use: Add a teaspoon to your favorite tea or herbal infusion when warm but not boiling. 

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What is the history wild lettuce?

 wild lettuce ancient sumeria

The story of wild lettuce as a magical plant goes all the way into pre-history. Some of the earliest record we have of this in mythology goes back to the ancient Sumerian tales of Dumiz. One hymn to this ancient god contains the verse "Vigorously he sprouted! Him being lettuce!". Sprouting lettuce is a feature of many ancient stories involving fertility. These stories changed over time and cultures and included the ancient Egyptian god Min, and the Greek god Adonis. In fact, recent discoveries at Gobleki Tepe in Turkey show that this myth is far older than even the ancient Sumerians.

Wild lettuce was used by ancient Egyptian physicians, later scribed in Arab materia medica texts that were picked up by the ancient Greeks and Romans. By the end of the 1700's doctors had begun experimenting with the best methods to produce medicines from wild lettuces. In modern history, the nearly century long lactucarium industry lasted until about the 1920's. Most of the world's supply of lactucarium came from France and Germany, but it was also grown in the United States. Modern pharmaceuticals took the place of lactucarium as a medicine with painkillers such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.