Syrup of Lactucarium

H. Newman's Syrup of Lactucarium is an All Natural Cold Remedy.

H. Newman's Syrup of Lactucarium bottle

This classic preparation for cold and cough is based on the original recipe of H. Aubergier, the great apothecary pharmacist of the 19th century. It will be available for a limited time only! It was a remedy for the common cold and other bronchial maladies, before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals.

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What to do with this syrup?

There are 10 grams of 75/25 lactucarium to California poppy in one bottle of our syrup. It also contains citric acid, sugar, orange flower water, and a touch of honey in a 40% alcohol solution. This makes it tart and east to mix with your favorite herbal tea. Simply add a few teaspoons to start. It can also be taken straight, but be sure to bring your best sour face! In tea it adds a tangy flavor and a florid aroma.

California poppy

California Poppy


Eschscholzia californica, or California poppy, is the beloved state flower of California! It is a member of the papaver family which contains many of the medicinal alkaloids of the poppy plant but contains no morphine. It is a common herb in herbal teas and preparations for its relaxing effects. 

orange flower

 Orange Flower


Orange flower water is a byproduct of the manufacture of orange oil essence. The aroma is more perfume like than orange smelling. It's used as an aroma in mediterranean desserts and in other specialty pastries. It only takes ten drops of orange blossom water in a whole liter of syrup to give it a noticeable aroma. In the original recipe of Aubergier there was much more of this component but we toned it down a bit. 

wild lettuce opium lactuca virosa lactucarium


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Our lactucarium is made from the whole wild lettuce plant. It's made by low temperature maceration, and then reduction under a vacuum at under boiling temperature so as not to destroy the medicinal properties. We do not purify the lactucin out of the raw extract. Instead it is freeze dried so that the flavor and other useful compounds remain. We use this same extract in our syrup, extra strong tincture, and sticky extract. It is the highest quality genuine lactucarium on the market. We do not use fake Chinese imitations. 


Ingredients: Contains wild lettuce extract and California Poppy extract . Other natural ingredients include honey, sugar, and citric acid.


Traditional directions of use: Our syrup of lactucarium is based on the original recipe of H. Aubergier. The classical dose of Aubergier's syrup is .2 – .5 gram. Our syrup contains about .25 grams of lactucarium and .125 grams of California Poppy extract per teaspoon. In an essay published in 1846, by Emile Muchon, in a book of pharmacy entitled The Chemist, the total daily amount of lactucarium should not to exceed 15 grams.

Pierre-Hector Aubergier 1810-1884

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Aubergier was a doctor of science and was the dean of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Clermont-Ferrand in France, as well he held the title of the Legion of Honor and Public Education. He was a pharmacist by trade and was a partner in the J. Gautier-Lacroze Pharmacie in Clermont. He was the first to farm wild lettuce on a large scale and the industry he created lasted at least until the 1920's. 

Aubergier syrup of lactucarium label

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H. Newman

H. Newman

Our syrup is named after H. Newman, our own all around scientist, farmer, engineer, tinkerer, and distinguished taste master. 

Syrup of Lactucarium