Emperor Augustus Wild Lettuce Tea for a Relaxing Herbal Infusion

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Enjoy the same wild lettuce tea which has been used throughout history for its soothing properties. Augustus, the first emperor of Rome drank infusions of this natural medicinal tea for his sleepless nights and fever. Our wild lettuce is aged for flavor and has a wonderfully fragrant aroma. 

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wild lettuce tea

Wild lettuce has been shown to soothe the mind and body.

Wild lettuce contains bitter lactones which give it its flavor and medicinal properties, but in an infusion the flavor is mild and more akin to green tea. The lactones responsible for its properties can be found throughout the plant. In fact there are more sesquiterpene lactones in the stems than the leaves. Our wild lettuce tea is made from the whole plant.

Wild lettuce is not the same as garden lettuce.

Garden lettuce is Lactuca sativa. Our lettuce is a cousin of L. sativa. The useful wild varieties of wild lettuce are L. virosa and L. serriola. They contain much higher concentrations of the medicinal alkaloids. Virosa is typically a larger plant than serriola and produces more of the milk when harvested by hand. Lactuca gets its name from latin, on account of the milky sap. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans referred to the plant as opium lettuce.

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How to make wild lettuce tea?

You can use wild lettuce like any other herbal tea infusion. Simply start with a tablespoon and let it steep in hot water for 5 minutes. Never use boiling water as it can damage the medicinal qualities. You can make your infusion as strong or mild as you prefer. 

Ingredients: Contains 100% tea grade lactuca virosa

Traditional directions of use: Steep one tablespoon per cup of hot water and strain after a few minutes. Can also be prepared in an infuser. Be sure to strain!

wild lettuce tea

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Augustus caesar

Emperor Augustus


"At all events we find it stated that the late Emperor Augustus when ill was saved on one occasion thanks to the skill of his physician Musa by eating lettuces a food which the excessive scruples of his former physician C Emilius had forbidden him. At the present day however lettuces have risen into such high estimation that a method has been discovered even of preserving them during the months in which they are out of season by keeping them in syrup." ~ Pliny the Elder, The Natural History Volume IV

Antonius musa

 Antonius Musa


"There is still another variety a kind of white lettuce called meconis a name which it derives from the abundance of milk of a narcotic quality which it produces though in fact it is generally thought that they are all of them of a soporific tendency. In former times this last was the only kind of lettuce that was held in any esteem. In Italy the name lactuca having been given it on account of the milk which it contains." ~ Pliny the Elder, The Natural History Volume IV

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