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Wild Lettuce, also known as prickly or opium lettuce is a natural pain reliever. We make lactucarium, extracts, tea, seed oil, and more... Free shipping on two or more items and large sizes!

Extra Strong Tincture of Lactucarium

Tincture of Lactucarium Bottles

Lactucarium is a natural pain reliever made from concentrated wild lettuce extract. This is our most concentrated product. Contains about 11 grams of lactucarium per 4oz liquid. It's best before bedtime for mild aches and pains and restful sleep. One teaspoon is equal to about 500mg of lactucarium.* 

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Sticky Extract of Wild Lettuce

This is pure condensed wild lettuce extract! It is the same lactucarium as in our extra strong, but in dried form for those who prefer to mix their own. This extract is freeze dried and becomes sticky in the atmosphere as it is highly hygroscopic. It is pure lactucarium with no other ingredients. It is a natural analgesic and has been shown to relax the nerves.*

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Egyptian Lettuce Seed Oil

Lettuce seed oil has been shown to be a natural sleep aid and is an excellent oil for massaging aching muscles.* It's also a fantastic moisturizer and contains hormone balancing vitamins and minerals. The history of lettuce seed oil is fascinating, going all the way back to ancient Egypt. We press this oil from genuine imported Egyptian lettuce seeds.

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Classic Tincture of Lactucarium

 We have the best wild lettuce tincture on the marketUnlike our extra strong tincture of lactucarium, this tincture is made in the classic style, by soaking the raw herb in alcohol and water. We keep the alcohol content to about 37.5% to maintain the aroma and flavor, without overpowering it. This classic tincture is made from our own USA harvested prickly wild lettuce. 

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H. Newman's Syrup of Lactucarium


This syrup of lactucarium follows true to the old fashioned recipe of H. Aubergier. We've altered it slightly to keep up with the times (and laws!). Syrup of lactucarium was used throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries as a cough suppressant and pain killer. This product is available for a limited time, according to the recipe of this classic "patent medicine".*

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Emperor Augustus Wild Lettuce Tea


Our wild lettuce tea has a mild herby flavor, akin to green tea. It would be more aptly called an infusion, but it is commonly known as wild lettuce tea. A few pinches steeped in hot water with honey and lemon will bring relaxation no matter the time of day. It is made from 100% lactuca virosa. Named after Emperor Augustus of Rome, who drank infusions of lettuce for his fever.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not meant to treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

The problem:

Identifying wild lettuce plants from other similar looking plants is a big problem for people making their own tinctures. Getting genuine raw materials is also a big problem for manufacturers. As far as we can tell, most of the cheap wild lettuce products on the internet are made from materials produced in China with no way to know what is actually in them.

The Solution:

All of our wild lettuce extract is genuine. The base ingredient for our lactucarium products comes from privately sourced wild lettuce and is manufactured according to rigorous standards. We press our own Egyptian lettuce seed oil from seeds imported directly from Egypt. Our tea is harvested by hand using fresh lactuca virosa. As well, our tincture is produced from locally harvested material and made in our lab using maceration and low temperature reduction.