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Wild Lettuce, also known as prickly or opium lettuce is a natural pain reliever. We make lactucarium, extracts, tea, seed oil, and more... Free shipping on two or more items and large sizes!

We are updating our bottle packaging. We've moved away from the 100ml and 200ml bottles to 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz. The new bottles are slightly larger than the old bottles but we've kept the prices the same, except for the oil. More for the same price!

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The problem:

Identifying wild lettuce plants from other similar looking plants is a big problem for people making their own tinctures. Getting genuine raw materials is also a big problem for manufacturers. As far as we can tell, most of the cheap wild lettuce products on the internet are made from materials produced in China with no way to know what is actually in them.

The Solution:

All of our wild lettuce extract is genuine. The base ingredient for our lactucarium products comes from privately sourced wild lettuce and is manufactured according to rigorous standards. We press our own Egyptian lettuce seed oil from seeds imported directly from Egypt. Our tea is harvested by hand using fresh lactuca virosa. As well, our tincture is produced from locally harvested material and made in our lab using maceration and low temperature reduction.