Tincture of lactucarium has been shown to be an all natural cold and pain remedy.

extra strong tincture lactucarium bottle

Our tincture of lactucarium is extra strong. It contains about 10 grams of lactucarium per 4oz, in a 40% alcohol solution. We made this product easy to measure. Unlike our syrup, this tincture contains no other ingredients. Lactucarium is the pure extract from wild lettuce!

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extra strong tincture of lactucarium bottles

Our extra strong tincture of lactucarium comes in three sizes

We just updated to new larger bottles! Our Extra Strong Tincture is available in 4, 8, and 16 fluid ounces.

What to know about our extra strong tincture?

  • One dose is half a teaspoon
  • Does not interfere with drug tests
  • Contains no pharmaceuticals or drugs
  • Can be taken straight or in warm tea
  • Shown to aid in pain management and stress relief
  • About 10gr lactucarium per 4oz bottle 
  • 40% Alcohol base
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The best way to use lactucarium is in warm tea. When diluted the flavor is mild and pleasing. It can of course also be taken straight but it is quite bitter on its own. Our extra strong tincture is mixed so that a half of a teaspoon contains about one old fashioned dose of lactucarium. It is best not to mix lactucarium with boiling water in order to preserve the active components.  

tincture of lactucarium

Ingredients: Contains +- 10 grams pure wild lettuce extract per 4oz of 40% alcohol and water. All natural.

Traditional directions of use: Our extra strong tincture contains about 10 grams of lactucarium per 4oz. According to the classical literature, a dose of lactucarium, is 3-15 grains, or .194 - .972 grams. So basically the classical dose is .2 – 1 gram. One teaspoonful of our extra strong tincture contains about 0.5 grams of Lactucarium.

In an essay published in 1846, by Emile Muchon, in a book of pharmacy entitled The Chemist, the total daily amount should not to exceed 15 grams. 

wild lettuce opium lactuca virosa lactucarium

What is lactucarium?

Lactucarium has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians as an analgesic and calmative. According to the scientific literature, it has pain killing properties and a relaxing effect on the body, due to the nervine properties of lactucopicrin and other sesquiterpene lactones in its sap. We make our extract from the whole plant. The entire extraction process is carried out at a lower temperature and reduced under a vacuum to preserve the medicinal qualities.  

What's special about wild lettuce?

lactuca virosa flowers

All lettuces contain a milky white juice that flows from the stem when cut. Common salad lettuce as well bas a bitter milky center. The bitter substances in lettuce are called sesquiterpene lactones. Garden lettuce does not contain a high enough concentration of these lactones to be useful for making lactucarium, which is why it is palatable for eating. The two most useful varieties of wild lettuce are Lactuca virosa and Lactuca serriola. In the picture above you can see L. virosa altissima in flower. Altissima is a larger variety of virosa, cultivated by the French pharmacist H. Aubergier in the 1900's.

tincture of lactucarium

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