Wild Lettuce extract has been shown to be a remedy for restless nights and pain.

wild lettuce sticky extract

We made this sticky extract for those who prefer to mix their own wild lettuce. It is freeze dried for easy handling and contains no other ingredients. Wild lettuce is sought after for its pain killing and calming effects. It has been a staple of nature's medicine cabinet for many millennia!

Pharmaceutical Free

No Alcohol or Other Carrier

100% All Natural

Easy to Mix

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How to use this extract

This is pure dehydrated extract of wild lettuce. It is quite bitter and is best mixed with warm tea. It can also be used in any preparations where lactucarium is called for. We are often asked if it can be smoked. Though it can be added to a smoking mix, we did not design this as a smoking product as it is an extract and not the dried gum that can be gathered from the plant. It is best when made into a tincture or mixed into a beverage. The old fashioned dose is .3 grams to .5 grams, and no more than 15 grams per day. The effects are mildly sedative and pain relieving. 

wild lettuce opium lactuca virosa lactucarium

Lactuca Virosa 


Lactucarium can be harvested either by an alcohol and water extraction, or by scarring of the stems of the plant and gathering the white juice. When harvested directly from the plant it dries into a dark, reddish substance. We make our extract by maceration and reduction under a vacuum. The whole process is done at a temperature that is low enough to preserve the active components. We freeze dry it to make it easier to handle. Wild lettuce extract is hygroscopic, which means it will pull water from the atmosphere and become sticky. It is best to leave the unused portion in the wax paper bag and sealed in the tin. 


Small and large sizes to suit your needs.


We have 10 gram tins and 100 gram tins available. If you need larger sizes, contact at any time. We pack our tins in 10 gram units, sealed with a desiccant square to keep your extract dry. The extract can be stored indefinitely.  

lactuca virosa sticky extract sizes

Ingredients: Contains 100% genuine wild lettuce extract with no fillers. Does not contain desiccants or maltodextrin.

Traditional directions of use: Our sticky extract comes in 10 gram packets. According to the classical literature, a dose of wild lettuce extract, also called lactucarium, is 3-15 grains, or .194 - .972 grams. So basically the classical dose is .2 – .5 gram.

In an essay published in 1846, by Emile Muchon, in a book of pharmacy entitled The Chemist, the total daily amount should not to exceed 15 grams.

wild lettuce extract

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 Wild Lettuce is our Priority!

For many years now we have been researching the subject of wild lettuce. We are working on growing methods, extraction, history, product design, and much more. Follow us in our research area and blog. If you are a researcher or have come across any information which might contribute to our project, or have any questions yourself, please reach out HERE. Cheers!
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