February 27


By Lactucaman

February 27, 2023

Recently I’ve gotten a few inquiries as to when I will have the non-alcohol based Extra Strong Tincture of Lactucarium in stock. I haven’t been making the glycerin base recently because one can mix their own non-alcohol based version of the extra strong using the liquid of their choice.

This post is for anyone that would prefer the non-alcohol based tincture, and for those who are wondering what exactly to do with the sticky extract.

The sticky extract is the same extract that is used to make the extra strong tincture of lactucarium. Mixing the lactucarium into a liquid base is an easy way to solve the problem of serving size. Liquids are easy to pour, as opposed to weighing out the sticky extract on a small scale and getting everything all brown and gobbed up.

Our sticky extract comes packed in 10 gram units. For example, if you ordered 100 grams, in the tin you would find 10 individual packets of 10 grams. This helps keep it sealed up and not exposed to the air where it will absorb water from the atmosphere and become more and more sticky and difficult to handle.

One can mix their own alcohol based tincture simply by mixing a 10 gram packet of sticky extract into roughly 4oz of their favorite spirit. If one wishes to do this with water or other liquid, the same can be done. The exact ratio is 10g sticky extract, mixed into to 3.55oz (105ml) liquid. This is just slightly above the saturation point of the liquid, so shake it well before use. For 20 grams, simply double the liquid, and so forth. 

If you make it water based, be sure to keep it in the refrigerator. There are several ways to preserve your water based extra strong, by using a little bit of citric acid and potassium sorbate. I currently don’t make water based extra strong tincture myself, because to preserve maximum freshness, I use 40% alcohol.

For the time being it is simpler to make the alcohol based tincture, as well as provide the freeze dried sticky extract for anyone that would like to mix it how they prefer.

Here is guide on how to use lactucarium. I can only vouch for my extracts, but this will also go for anyone making their own lactucarium from plants. Of course, I must state that this is not meant to be medical advice.

  • It is generally accepted that one serving of lactucarium is 3 - 15 grains, or about 200mg - 1000mg. For those not good with milligrams and such, 1 gram = 1000 milligrams.
  • It’s best to start on the lower end of this range between 215mg - 250mg.
  • According to an essay by Emile Muchon, published in 1846 in a book of pharmacy entitled The Chemist, it states that one should not exceed 15 grams of lactucarium per day. This is a very large amount of lactucarium, and serves only to show the upper daily limit according to the 19th century pharmacists. There is no established daily amount for lactucarium. Given its effectiveness, a few teaspoons of the liquid version is probably the most one would need at any given time. This is my speculation and not medical advice. I always err on the side of the lowest possible serving size.
  • A half teaspoon of extra strong tincture contains about 250mg of lactucarium.
  • If you mix your own, take the entire 10 gram packet of sticky extract and place it in 4oz of your favorite spirit or liquid.
  • Keep your water based batches small to preserve freshness.
  • Keep non-alcohol based extracts in the refrigerator.
  • The serving size for water based extra strong tincture is also one half to one teaspoon.
  • Shake well before use!
  • Dried sticky extract can also be weighed into 200mg - 1g servings.
  • Lactucarium in any form goes very well in warm herbal tea. Lemon and honey also balance the flavor.

I hope I’ve answered any questions you might be have regarding how to use the lactucarium! Feel free to contact or comment in the Facebook forum.

~ Christian Lactucaman